Teek Mach



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Grisaille is a two-part immersive art installation created by experimental artist Teek Mach, performed during the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. The project was included among the New Frontier lineup, Sundance’s curated collection of media works from creators pushing artistic innovation across new mediums that include VR, AR, and AI. Throughout its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, a total of 223 people were hand-painted into the experience.

In 2016,Teek traded her paintbrushes for a headset and began inhabiting virtual reality more than physical reality. After spending 6000+ hours creating in virtual reality, she found this technology to be a profound communication tool for artistic expression. Using VR, holograms, sound panels and projections, Teek invites visitors to join her in a recursive exploration of the infinite self.

The story begins with PART ONE: the underpainting as you enter a dark hallway and affix an Oculus Go headset. In the headset, you are transported to a virtual version of the hallway you just entered.  You travel through a series of hand-painted portraits of the artist, much like walking through a gallery. The portraits document her shifting ideas of self throughout her exploration of VR, from individual to our shared humanity. Returning to the virtual hallway, you move into another room to find a hologram of Teek looking at you, then it fades to black, prompting you to take off the headset and proceed to the second room for PART TWO: the glaze. Here the artist in her real-life state stands before you, in a room projecting the visuals from the headset, bringing you inside the painting with those who have shared the Grisaille experience. Award-winning composer Joel Douek accompanies the painting performance, capturing audio and layering sounds of the festival with original music to complete the collective experience.

The term grisaille comes from a two-part oil painting technique from the 15th century that uses shades of grey with translucent layers of color to imitate sculpture. Enabled by the most cutting-edge technology, Teek uses additive light brushes to layer color directly in 3D, bringing the influence of this classical tradition into an entirely new sphere.

The projections come from a live Tiltbrush virtual camera feed through an HTC Vive Pro. Holograms were created from Metastage, using the latest innovation in volumetric capture technology developed by Microsoft.


 Directed by Teek Mach

Produced by Andrew Sales

Composition and Sound Design by Joel Douek, ECCOVR

Technical Development by Taylor Shechet

Holograms by METASTAGE

Painted in TILTBRUSH

Created in UNITY