Hi! I’m Teek, an experimental artist in Los Angeles, California.  My love for spatial stories went from studying architecture in Chicago to filmmaking in LA. 

In my personal practice, I occupy the space between dualities; digital & analog, matter & meta, individual & collective.  

I also collaborate with storytellers to visualize the inner world of imaginary characters through method painting under the moniker Antimattered.  

If you breathe art, let’s play.


TEEK MACH is an artist exploring spatial duality through installation, painting, and performance.

BFA in Architecture & Design, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL, US
Group Exhibitions 
2022    Painter, PaSSage, Infinity Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US
2021    Painter, PP: Part Zero, Infinity Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US
2019    Artist & Performer, T3 with Ustad Zakir Hussain & Berklee, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA, US
2019    Director & Performer, Grisaille, Sundance Film Festival New Frontier, Park City, UT, US
2018    Artist & Performer, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra & Maestro Allen Tinkham, Fine Arts Building, Chicago, IL, US

2021    Misek, R. "VR and The Limits of Immersion" Oxford Academic, Screen, 61.4, Kent, UK
2019    Mouller, S. “Step Inside an Artist’s Painting in VR” Mashable
2019    Kim, S. "Visions To Bring People Together" Character Media
2019    Parisi, T. “The New Pioneers” Medium
2019    Wolozin, S. “An Ecosystem in the Making” Immerse
2019    Zahlit, J. & Bell, L. “Women of VR at Sundance” A Female Lens
2018    Bhargava, S. "Blurring the Lines: Art & Tech" CYSO
Visiting Artist
2022    UCLA Innovate, Los Angeles, CA, US
2022    Frontier Collective, Vancouver, BC
2021    CalArts, Peter Flaherty , Los Angeles, CA, US
2019    Art & Tech, Infinity Fest, Los Angeles, CA, US
2018    The Art of Tech, The Wall St. Journal D.Live, Los Angeles, CA, US
2018    A Classical Experience in VR, SXSW, Austin, TX, US
2017    Women Who VRock, Google, Los Angeles, CA, US
2016    Artist in Residence, Google Tilt Brush, San Francisco, CA, US

Film/TV & Music
2022    Paintings, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, Saban Films, Los Angeles, CA, US
2022    Muralist, Star Trek, Picard S1-2, CBS, Los Angeles, CA, US
2021    VR Installation, The Gray Man, Netflix, Los Angeles, CA, US
2021    Watercolor Paintings, Westworld S1-4, HBO, Los Angeles, CA, US
2021    VR Artist, David Bowie Five Years, Duran Duran, London, England, UK
2020    Phone Paintings, The Walking Dead, AMC, Los Angeles, CA, US
2020    Data Paintings, Star Trek: Picard S1, CBS, Los Angeles, CA, US
2020    Pencil Drawings, All American, Warner Brothers, Los Angeles, CA, US
2020    Charcoal Drawings, Call of the Wild, Disney, Los Angeles, CA, US
2019    VR Artist & Performer, Good Trouble, ABC, Los Angeles, CA, US
2017    VR Artist & Co-Writer, A Very Merry Xperience, UMG, Oculus, Los Angeles, CA, US
2016    Oil Paintings, The Bad Batch, Annapurna Pictures & Vice, Los Angeles, CA, US
2015    Art Director, The End Times Tour, The Smashing Pumpkins, Oakland, CA, US

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