Hi! I’m Teek, an experimental artist in Los Angeles, California.  My love for spatial stories went from studying architecture in Chicago to filmmaking in LA. 

I started as an art director and eventually found my niche as a method painter. I collaborate with storytellers to visualize the inner world of imaginary characters through drawings & paintings under the moniker Antimattered

In 2019, I painted Grisaille, an experience in which 223 people become part of a virtual painting. I attirubute this 2-part performance to the space between dualities; digital & analog, matter & meta, individual & collective. It’s a very personal piece using mixed reality to mix people.  I was fortunate to premiere my directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival New Frontier.
My inspiration comes from visionaries Douglas Trumbull, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Andrew Thomas Huang, and so many others. I’m drawn to narratives expressed through space & sound in the absence of dialogue. 

If you’re interested in making things, let’s play.